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Exciting Decoration Themes For Christmas Celebration

Christmas parties are always so exciting. It provides you the chance to celebrate and enjoy different activities with your friends and family. This event is like a well-earned reward for your all-year hard work and hectic schedules. This holiday gives you a magical spirit and motivation and also renders you this opportunity to bond with everyone around you. All the Christmas fun hits rightly when you set a theme and decorate your house with some amazing Christmas ornaments. Also, if you want to impress your acquaintances by throwing the best Christmas party for them, then this article is for you. Here are some exciting decoration themes that can make your Christmas parties more thrilling and pleasurable.

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Theme

Every 90s person would love to attend a mid-century modern Christmas theme party. For the mid-century modern theme, set a retro décor with a bit of contemporary touch would add life to your parties such as classic bar stools and large dining tables for merry family dinners. Play some fine tunes, such as wreaths, holiday cheer, festive baubles, and deck the halls with tinsel trees. Also, pick some bold colors, like green, red, turquoise, and yellow, and set the tone of your décor with these shades. Must contrast it with golden and silver colors to keep the mood bright and cheerful. With the following Christmas ornaments and party essentials, you can perfectly set a mid-century modern Christmas theme party.

1.Reindeer Figurines: The reindeer figurines look festive and charming at a Christmas-themed party. This artful deer and antler décor is a must to have at Christmas parties.

2.Bottle Brush Mini Trees: The attractive bottlebrush mini trees are a perfect thing to set your mid-century modern Christmas party as it recalls the look of 60s vintage flair.

3.Retro-Accents: For a mid-century modern Christmas party, you can also ornament the tabletops and mantle with some exciting retro accents.

4.Christmas Tree: No matter what your theme is, a Christmas party cannot look Christmas party if there is no decorated Christmas tree. To make your Christmas tree a bit unique from others, look for some contemporary and appealing colors, such as fuchsia pink, silver, cobalt blue. Then decorate your tree with strands of multi-colored lights. Do not forget to crown your tree with a topper.

5.Other Ornaments: Other decoration pieces you would need to set a mid-century modern Christmas theme party may include garlands, stockings with bold prints in colorful hues, and tinsel wreaths. Also, spark the charm with some vintage candle holders as well.

6.Dinnerware: Take out your parent’s retro dinnerware as it is the best time to utilize them. The dinnerware with vintage patterns and colors would show your true efforts to work according to the theme.

7.Festive Cocktails: Your mid-century modern theme Christmas party would be incomplete without a tray of festive cocktails. Make your guests happier by serving them some mixed beverages and make their Christmas complete.

Winter Glam Christmas Theme

If you are a person who loves winters, then this theme is for you. This Christmas theme can sparkle the beauty of the winter season. The winter glam Christmas theme is subtle, yet it can be super fun. Make this winter glam Christmas theme eye-catching by adding some neutral tones and metallic accents. Polished gold and bright silver can be the most appealing colors for a winter glam theme. Planning and setting a winter glam Christmas theme is not so difficult. With the following décor essentials, you can definitely throw a memorable Christmas eve for your family and friends.

1.Geometric Terrarium: Geometric terrariums are polygonal-shaped decorative pieces that can be filled with glittering lights and candles and can be decorated on the center tables or around the mantlepieces. This aesthetically appealing terrarium has a chic style and is perfect for your winter glam theme.

2.Small Topiaries: The addition of a green element in your winter glam Christmas theme party renders it a much natural and subtle effect. Set some succulent plants well-polished concrete or stone planters for a stylish twist.

3.Nature-Inspired Figurines: Ornament your house walls with some nature-inspired figurines, such as pine trees, snowflakes, deer, and stars. Play with golden, silver, and white colors here for an ideal winter glam.

4.Christmas Tree: The Christmas tree for a winter glam theme would be a bit different as compared to the other themes. Here you can play with some snow, socks, and other winter ornaments. Get an aesthetic silver tree stand and equip it with a dark green tree. Decorate it with string lights, faux birds, whitewash acorns, as well as pinecones. Also, do not forget to place a flake-shaped tree topper.

5.Other Ornaments: Other ornaments for your winter glam Christmas theme may also include stockings, wreathe, candle holders of various sizes, and a crystal garland. 

6.Dinnerware: Place simple glass dishes on the dining table. It will be perfect if your crockery is gold or copper-plated. 

7.Barware: Serve your guests the tempting juices and beverages in sleek wine glasses and champagne flutes. 

Other Themes

The winter glam Christmas theme and a mid-century modern theme have for sure gave you an idea of how you can choose a theme and make perfect decorations according to it. Now, we will give you some more theme ideas to make your Christmas parties much happening. For example, you can go with the country Christmas decoration theme where you can make rustic decorations with simple ornaments. You can decorate your space with fresh greenery and garlands. If not the country theme, go with the traditional Christmas decoration theme party where you can evoke warmth and elegance in the interior design. With the traditional theme, you get this chance to play with the classic red and green colors in abundance.


Setting a themed party adds more life and spirit to your events. It provides you a reason to communicate, bond, and celebrate with your loved ones differently. Such Christmas theme parties would render you the best memories of your life. No matter which theme you choose, your guests are surely going to appreciate your efforts, and you can have an unforgettable and most fun time with them. For reading such other interesting blogs see our blog section.