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Bar Stool

A Well- Known Wholesale Bar Stools Manufacturer – Parkhill Furniture 

Do you find it hard to get a suitable bar stool? Don't worry because Parkhill is a wholesale bar stool manufacturer known for producing uniquely styled and extremely comfortable furniture. Parkhill Trading Co., Ltd. has a huge demand for wholesale Bar stools china in the global market. Finding the right kind of bar stool for your restaurant or home can be challenging because there can't be anything worse than buying a bar stool that is too short or too tall; it has to be of the perfect height to meet the requirements of the buyer that is why we have a wide range depending on the size, shape, and design of different varieties. Being a recognized wholesale Bar stools supplier, we are on the verge of providing a vast variety of high-quality product at the best pricing that is why our consumer count on us 

Our Best -Seller Wholesale Bar Stools China

Choosing the right design that fits the place's vibe and offers a comfortable sitting arrangement has never been so easy as we have everything in our collection to serve. Being a wholesale Bar stools supplier we have tried to indulge our customers by considering all prevailing customer requirements. Some of our popularly selling bar stool options are Swivel Stools, Upholstered Stools, Backless, and arms. We have further categorized our collection into two main groups for consumer ease.

Counter Stools

They are available in heights between 24" – 26'' and are best when coupled with surfaces that are 36'' off the ground. The counter stools are a suitable option for your kitchen counter. People also install them in their dining area for some extra sitting space. As a wholesale Bar stool manufacturer, we always ensure the quality and best design functionality of our wholesale Bar stools china that makes us customer’s prime priority.

Classic Bar Stools

The classic bars are usually 42'' high and are a perfect choice for your home or a café. They can be pair with a wet bar used for a cocktail party and also provide a new look to your kitchen. They are good enough for all heights as many have the options to adjust the heights.

Vast Customization Options At Handy 

As a wholesale bar stools supplier, we manufacture bar stools suitable for your restaurants, reception, and kitchens. We use different materials in the manufacturing of bar tools, including iron and wood. Choosing the material depends on the preference of customers. Customers can also customize their order by selecting their favorite upholstery, fabrics, laminates, vinyl, and custom powder coating.

Being a wholesale Bar stools manufacturer, we devote an entire team to sort out what's trending and customer demand for the products to provide them everything they want as per their preferred pricing. So, if price or quality is holding you back, then step ahead and visit our store to get what you want in good pricing.